Development of a Parabolic Antenna Reflector to Enhance WiFi Efficiency

A wifi antenna reflector? There are some good causes to attempt to enhance the reception of your wifi system, or to spice up the sign out of your wi-fi router in a selected course.

This text offers constructional particulars for an antenna reflector that we constructed, utilizing suggestions and steering from elsewhere on the internet. It sadly did not obtain sufficient of a lift to realize the objective of long-distance (200 yards) reception, nevertheless it did enhance reception, and can be high quality for less-ambitious objectives.

Wifi Antennas – why are they helpful?

With wifi, you typically have one or two small antennas constructed into your wi-fi router, and an antenna in your PC constructed into the laptop computer, or in a USB dongle. Usually that is all you want, however often you want one thing a bit higher.

For instance, at house, in case your examine is a long way from the router, you may get a poor sign, or away from house, in a resort, you would discover related issues.

To unravel it, you may enhance the antenna in your PC, or if at house, you may as well enhance the antenna in your router. The thought is to make an antenna directional, in order that it’s stronger in a desired course, and weaker in instructions that do not matter. With a laptop computer PC, you antenna is normally constructed into the panel holding the display screen, and there isn’t any manner to enhance it. So you will have to purchase a USB wifi dongle with an exterior antenna connection. By positioning the dongle (on a USB cable) you might enhance reception, and by putting in a bigger antenna, you might enhance reception. In both case this can be sufficient to resolve your drawback, with out worrying about directional points admin.

Nonetheless, after getting an exterior antenna, both on the PC or the router, you may give it directional properties with an acceptable reflector, which we did as described beneath. One other method is to make your individual directional antenna from scratch, one thing known as a ‘cantenna’. Mainly it is a metallic can, appearing as a information to the radio waves, with a rod inside because the antenna. On the internet, there may be a lot dialogue of the optimum dimension for a cantenna, with many devotees of utilizing a Pringles foil-lined canister.

Our Wifi Antenna Venture

The background to this mission was staying at a resort with no wifi, but figuring out that about 200 yards away there was a restaurant with wifi for which I might get the entry code (by having a espresso there!).

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